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Meliorist are a metal band from Brisbane, Australia. The band formed in 2015 with members Andrew Apte & James Ollis. Accruing further members the band went on to release 2 Eps “Meliorist & ii.” In the search of a more powerful and unique sound, the band flew to America in late 2018 to record their latest record “Patterns”. Combining technical guitar work, pumping drums and powerful vocals from new frontman Andrew Corfield, the band is looking forward to showcase their new sound to fans new and old.


“If you need some encouragement this weekend, Meliorist’s “Wanderer” is the perfect track to get you through it.“ - Alternative Press

“And should you even listen to ‘Patterns’? You’re goddamn right you should!” - Kill Your Stereo

“Meliorist take a step or two to the left of centre with a combination of slashing metalcore riffing and shimmering, jazz-inflected guitar playing and slightly off-kilter arrangements” - Hysteria Magazine

“Brisbane's Meliorist Drop Golden New Single 'Symptoms'“ - Maniacs

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Symptoms - Patterns 2019

Wanderer - Patterns 2019

Homeward - Patterns 2019


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